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The Collection Moves to West Point

Cullum Hall at West Point

The books and other articles will eventually reside in the Academy's Archives in a renovated Cullum Hall.  However,  in 2023 they had to be relocated from the author's home outside of Philadelphia to West Point's Jefferson Library in time for the Class of 1998 Reunion.  

This happened on Wednesday, August 30, but not before many weeks of packing the collection by the author.

The Collector's Corner - West Point Fiction
The entire Grip Hands collection packed and ready to go.

The collection in it's "native" state.  Only about 75% of it.  The rest was in another set of bookcases upstairs. Note plastic sheeting that pulls down to keep dust off. Also there is a de-humidifier nearby running constantly.

The items were packed in "bankers" boxes lined with a plastic bag.  In this picture pulp fictions stories and comic books in protective folders were being "boxed up."  Each box had an identifying code and included a packing list of the enclosed items.

All boxed up and ready for transport.  There were 40 boxes in all - requiring the rental of a U-Haul van.

Packing the collection for delivery to West Point
The 40 boxes were loaded into a U-Haul van.

Ready for Road - Wedesday a.m.

The collections journey to West Point

An easy drive north

"Free Parking"  - a rarity for a West Point visitor

A welcoming arrival message

Unloading the books at the Jefferson Library

Unloading at the Jefferson Library.

Home at last!

Part of the collection for delivery to the archivists.
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