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Grip Hands Thru the Shadows

is an annotated catalog of a large collection of West Point-oriented fiction.  

The collection, which the author accumulated over twenty-five years, includes novels, stories, plays, movies, poetry, pulp fiction, and some memoirs authored between 1835 and 2023. 

There are over 600 items -- many of them written by West Point graduates--featuring cadets, graduates, candidates, girlfriends, lives, sports, mascots, Army life, service experience, as well as the supernatural and a few scoundrels and rogues.  The works were inspired by the life, honor, duty, and ideals of the United States Military Academy and its graduates.


The author donated this collection to the Archives of U.S. Military Academy to honor the Class of 1998 on the occasion of its 25th reunion in 2023.

Cover design by BG Sarah Dudley, shown here with the author, and Kristi Ramsey from the USMA Class of 1998

Honoring the Class of 1998

“Make no mistake. You will serve in perilous times. The history of the United States will be written with the blood of your classmates. That has been true since 1802. Your class will not be an exception.”

General Dennis J. Reimer, Army Chief of Staff

Addressing the Class of 1998 at their Graduation Dinner

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