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On November 10, 2023 a ceremony took place at the Jefferson Library to formally acknowledge the addition of the collection to the the West Point archives.  The occasion was also the 25th Reunion of the Class of 1998 for whom the collection is dedicated.

West Point Reunion Nov,  9, 2023.   Dean Barth review an exhibit of the collection.

Associate Dean of the Libraries and Archives Christopher Barth observes one of the exhibit tables which have been artfully prepared by Exhibit Librarian Lisa Gomez

The Collection Acceptance Ceremony

West Point Reunion Nov. 9, 2023.  Ed Blomstedt by the disply of the 1960 board game.  "The West Point Story"

Collector and author Ed Blomstedt stands beside one of the more unusual items in the collection.  It is a board game, the Story of West Point, published in 1960.  Many cadets and faculty have paused to study it and inquire if they might play the game.  Alas, the librarian informed them it is not for circulation

   Mr. Blomstedt subsequently acquired a second copy of the game and donated it to the library to be a "circulating" copy.

The author and Sarah Dudley, Class of 1998, who designed the front cover of the catalog
The author and astronaut Frank Rubio, Class of 1998

Class of 1998 graduate, and  now Brigadier General, Sara Dudley designed the cover of Grip Hands Thru the Shadows.  Ed Blomstedt is presenting her with a signed copy of the huge catalog.

Class of 1998 graduate and astronaut Frank Rubio, who recently returned from 320 days on the Space Station, thanked the author for his unique gift to West Point.

Ed Blomstedt describing how the collection and catalong came about

The author Ed Blomstedt describes how the collection was accumulated and how it came to be at West Point.  On the left is the Grip Hands editor, Joyelle Soucier of Proof & Pen LLC.  On the right is the publisher Jeff Blomstedt of Barton Cove Publishing, Gill MA.

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