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About the Author

Inspiration for these Books


In 1994 Ed’s son, Eric, entered West Point. He graduated in 1998 with the top honors in economics and social sciences and an East-West Fellowship to the University of Hawaii.  Eric first deployed as an Armor officer in Korea, but switched to Signals Intelligence in 2001, subsequently serving two tours in Iraq. He retired in 2019 as a Lt. Colonel after several years with the Joint Special Operations Command. He is now employed by a defense contractor in northern Virginia. Eric and his wife, Janice, have two daughters.


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Twenty five years after his first "R" day [Reception] in June 1994 at West Point,  Eric savors a very different "R" Day [Retirement] at Ft. Myer, Virginia in October 2019.

The Author with his Admirers

Ed Blomstedt's interest in West Point began as an Assistant Scoutmaster in Unionville, PA where he led camping trips to historic battlefields around the East. A favorite destination was the Hudson River Valley and West Point.  The cemetery was always a great stop for the boys to lunch and explore, though some scouts found the nearby firehouse more interesting. 

Ed was raised in Delaware and graduated with a degree in economics from Brown University, later earning an MBA from Drexel University. He enjoyed a management career in several industries before retiring in 2013.


Ed and Mae, his wife of 51 years, have two sons and reside in Spring House (Ambler), PA.

Before these two books on West Point, Ed authored The Bogey Boys at Wilmington Country Club - Forty Years of Bad Golf with Good Friends and decades earlier in the Labor Law Journal:  The Impact of Technology on Postal Labor Relations.  


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