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Testimonials for Grip Hands Through the Shadows

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"An amazing collection- Grip Hands Thru the Shadows is two centuries’ worth of West Point literature masterfully assembled."  

 Jason Kasper, USMA 2008, USA Today Bestselling Author of the Shadow Strike series.

"This beautiful, well-researched (500+ pages) book exceeded my expectations. For anyone interested in fiction either by West Point authors or involving the Military Academy, this book is the indispensable resource. Once upon a time, I might've used this as the start point for a doctoral dissertation. I'll find a trove of new novels to explore from these pages. Congratulations, sir, for making this excellent work available."


John M. Vermillion, USMA '70,  Author of The Supe and eight follow-on Simon  Pack thrillers.

"Who knew there were so many books related to West Point? 
Ed Blomstedt  has compiled a comprehensive collection of West Point fiction into twenty-four chapters on topics ranging from The Cadet Experience, Paranormal, Supernatural & Futuristic, Women at West Point, The Cold War, and many more. This weighty volume (pun intended)  is a must-have for all supporters of the United States Military Academy—cadets, officers, employees, alumni, family and friends. Thank you, Ed, for this herculean task of bringing the Soldiers of Fortune, Paladins, Miscreants and Rogues all together in one place!"

Susan Spieth, USMA ’85, author of the Gray Girl Series. Winner of two Eric Hoffer Book Awards for Gray Girl: Honor Isn’t Always Black and White 

This is a grand work of love by Edward Blomstedt, a remarkable author with intimate knowledge of West Point, its ancient lore, and its countless stories. In Grip Hands Through the Shadows he has impressively and even improbably written reviews of 200 years of fictional works about West Point, that fabled institution whose historical truths can sound like myth. It’s a great read that keeps giving and belongs in every Army, Academy and patriot’s bookshelf.

Augustus “Gus” Lee entered West Point with the Class of 1968 but left before graduating.  He served as a non-commissioned officer, later completing his undergraduate and law degree at the University of California.  Three of his works are in this collection. Gus has gifted his original manuscripts to the archives at West Point.

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